Understanding Composite Fillings

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A dental filling is one of the ways that can treat a cavity. True to their name, they fill in the cavities so a tooth can get back its form and strength, which allows you to use it as you normally would. There are a few sub groups of dental fillings. They all work about the same, but some have benefits that others do not. Composite fillings are one group, and they offer the following benefits.

Their main benefit is their color. They can be made to match the natural whiteness of teeth. The color can be so life-like that others may not know you have a filling unless you tell them. Other types of filling cannot quite do this.

Composite fillings have one more benefit, which can also help it blend in even more. They are more likely to bond to the tooth than other kinds of filling. This bond can make the filling less likely to fall out. No filling is invincible, so you will still need to be careful so it stays in place, but composite fillings may hang in there more easily than others.

The ability to bond can also help with the filling’s cosmetic appeal because it can seal so closely that observers may not be able to tell where the tooth ends and the filling begins. The tooth can look like nothing has happened to it.

If you have a cavity forming, you can come see our dentist, Dr. Hoyoung Choi. Our dentist can examine the issue and figure out how to treat it, whether with a filling or another treatment. You can find our office in Woodbridge, Virginia, and you can call us by dialing 703-494-2144. We are always happy to help you with whatever you need.