Curious About Dental Impressions?

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Have you heard about dental impressions? It is actually a very common process that is used in restorative and cosmetic dentistry. Without it, we could not make crowns, veneers or bridges very accurately.

An impression involves applying a gel to your teeth. We let this gel harden and then take it off. Through this process, we get the outline of your teeth, which gives us all the details we need to know about your smile. The impression is then filled with some plaster, which is hardened and taken out. This process provides us with model of your teeth that can be used to design a crown, veneer or bridge.

We are all fairly unique, and our teeth are no exception. They are built and shaped differently from each other. An impression helps us accommodate these differences so we do not put in a restoration that does not fit. We can make a crown, veneer or bridge fit on your tooth, line up with your bite and give the neighboring teeth the right amount of personal space.

Our goal is to maintain or restore your smile so you can continue to feel comfortable. If you have a problem with your smile, we will be happy to help you solve it at our office in Woodbridge, Virginia. You are welcome to talk with our dentist, Dr. Hoyoung Choi, so you can better understand your options for maintaining or restoring your smile. You can schedule an appointment by calling 703-494-2144. We thank you for visiting us today, and we look forward to serving you if you ever need us.